Happy Bellyfish School offers a big variety of online cooking clasess, that are taught in different formats, and are led by chefs, nutritionists, researchers and health professionals from all around the world. Regardless of the topic you choose to study, and skills you choose to learn, you can be sure that you'll receive interactive study materials of the highest quality. The content is as important to us as its presentation, because ultimately we want all over students to get real results in their kitchens and stay motivated, even when their classes are over. Moreover, we are constantly working on updating our existent educational content, as we never stop learning ourselves!

All testimonials on this page refer to particular teaching instructors and classes:

Instructor: Anastasia Sharova

(Healthy Cooking Bootcamp, Easy Healthy Desserts, Vegan Ice Cream Masterclass)

Instructor: Dr. Shivani Sood

(Ayurvedic Nutriton)

Instructor: Svetlana Ruiz-Kasparova

(Introductory Wine Course)