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Vegan Baking is easy, as long as you know the basics, and the right vegan baking substitutes.

In our online vegan baking course, you will learn how to make vegan cakes, cookies, pies, brownies and other baked treats.

Your personal teaching instructor, a vegan baker from Vienne Barbara Donnelly, will teach you how to create stunning vegan cakes and hearty classics, that are not just delicious, but also healthy and nurturing.



Vegan Baking Basics and Substitutes

In this module, you will learn all the basics of vegan baking. You will learn how to substitute eggs, butter and dairy milk in your recipes, as well as the secrets to making sure that these substitutes always work.

Classics: Cinnamon Rolls,
Banana Bread

You will make irresistible, soft and fluffy vegan cinnamon rolls and banana bread, the most favourite baked treats of all.

Pies and Galettes,
Sweet and Savoury

Any seasonal fruit, berry or vegetable can be made into a delicious pie or galette. You'll learn how to make the basic crust, and then the options for your creations are endless

The Basics of Vegan Sponge Cakes

You'll make a perfect vegan sponge cake: the cake, that rises well, that's perfectly soft, not too moist, not too dry. You'll learn the basic formula and the ways, how to modify the base flavour of it easily.

Vegan Frosting

The vegan frosting is really simple, and nobody can ever guess, that no real butter was used. After completing this module, you'll be able to make any vegan cake look like the classic cakes from your childhood.

Classic Cakes: Black Forest Cake, Lemon Cake

These world-famous cakes can be made vegan, without compromising their taste properties and their stunning appearance. This module will be dedicated to the creation of celebratory cakes, that everyone loves.

Gluten-Free Baking

As a special bonus, Barbara will share her personal formula of the homemade gluten-free flour mix, that she makes at home. It's perfect for making cakes, pies and cookies, and can be used to create treats for specific dietary requirements.

Vegan Cookies

You'll learn how to make delicious vegan cookies. They will be so good, that you'll have to excercise serious self-control not to finish them in one go! Cookies are a must-skill for any homebaker.

Baking with Vegetables, Carrot Cake

A special part of the course will be dedicated to baking with vegetables. Did you even know how many delicious and nutritious vegetabels can be used as a base for mouth-watering cakes? With Barbara, you'll create your own carrot cake and zucchini brownies.

Meet our Teaching In´╗┐structor

Barbara Donnelly is a vegan baker from Vienna, Austria, and a holistic nutritionist.

Barbara has overcome severe digestion issues after she switched to a plant-based diet, and since then she's been on a mission to master the art of healthy vegan baking.

Being originally from Austria, she spent over two decades living in different countries and exploring holistic nutrition as the key to a healthy and balanced life. In her online course she is tapping into the baking traditions of Europe and North America, and presenting the vegan versions of famous classics like Black Forest Cake and Cinnamon Rolls .

Barbara was named among Top 20 Holistic Nutritionists. You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Website.


V Course access to pre-recorded materials opens on 04.10.2021. You get lifetime access to all the materials.

V For each section of the course you'll receive a task, to create a vegan baked treat of your own. On each task you'll get personal feedback from the teaching instructor and full support

Cooking is only learned by practice. Completing the tasks and sharing your results will ensure that you'll become comfortable with vegan baking. As a result, you'll be able to make a vegan cake whenever you want, on your own

V To earn the certificate of completion, you'll have 6 months to complete and submit the tasks

SPECIAL BONUS: 4 LIVE (Zoom) Masterclasses with the teaching instructor Barbara Donnelly, including a workshop on vegan celebration cakes.

Each LIVE Masterclass takes place at 10 AM EST. Here are the dates:

(1) 16.10.2021: Beetroot Chocolate Chip Brownies with Avocado Chocolate Frosting

(2) 28.10.2021: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

(3) 18.11.2021: Layered Lemon Cake

(4) 4.12.2021: Christmas Linzer Cookies

If you want to attend only ONE of these workshops, click here to book it individually, without the pre-recorded tutorials.


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Food as Medicine, the Ancestral Way


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All About Natural and Healthy Sweeteners

Example of your assignments:

Vegan Cookies

Chocolate cookies or vegan madeleines

Pies or Galettes

A savoury tart, a classic gallette or a fruit pie

Baked Classics

Banana bread, brownies or cinnamon rolls

Gluten-Free Cakes

Prepare your own gluten-free flour mix

Multi-Layered Cake

Your graduation assignment: multi-layered celebratory cake

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Will I need any exotic ingredients?

The ingredients do differ from those that you use in classic baking, where dairy and eggs are used. The first section of the course is dedicated to ingredients and vegan substitutes, so that you can understand what is needed and can source the correct ingredients. For the vegan frosting, it's recommended that you use vegan butter for example, but it's widely available nowadays. Other special ingredients that you'll need include flour, plant-based milk (soy milk is the best, but substitutes are possible), coconut milk, flax seeds, apple cider vinegar, baking soda.

Are all recipes also gluten-free?

Our course focuses on vegan baking, not gluten-free baking. However, you'll learn how to create your own gluten-free flour mix, and how to work with it. It also includes several recipes of simple gluten-free baked treats.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

If you enroll in PRO Plan, you can earn a Certificate of Completion. To earn the certificate, you'll need to submit pictures and descriptions of 5 course tasks. You will also receive personal feedback and support from the teaching instructor when you submit your tasks.

What if I can't make it to the LIVE class? Will it be recorded?

Yes, all our live classes are recorded, and as a sudent you will have the access to the recording as well.