The true secret to daily healthy eating is in the cooking skills and the ability to plan meals successfully. After completing this Challenge you'll become an expert in meal planning, and will learn to eat healthy homemade meals daily while spending less time in the kitchen.

What this Challenge includes:

✅ Effective strategies for meal planning, which save time and money

✅ The basics of planning the meals that are actually healthy, and include all necessary macro-nutrients and vitamins

✅ Exact meal plans for 4 weeks, which means 84 full meals and 28 snacks. All recipes include nutrition labels (just for your reference, because your own body knows best!)

✅ All the tools for easy meal-planning: grocery shopping list and printable meal planning templates, meal planning Google calendar, meal planning Excel sheet

✅ Budget-friendly and easy recipes

✅ LIVE support from the habit and nutrition coach, and the community of other healthy meal planners

Some of the dishes you'll make:

You'll have a choice of two meal plans, a classic meal plan and a vegan meal plan. You are welcome to mix and match, too.

Foodies of all views and diets are welcome!

Quinoa Bowl

Pair with smoked tofu

or other favourite source protein

Chimichurri Millet

Nutricious grain flavoured with bell peppers, served with fresh cheese

Veg Pulao with Dukkah

A quick rice dish, loaded with vegetables, nuts and aromatic spices

But, wait ... why is it a CHALLENGE,

not an online course?

How many online courses have you purchased and never finished? How many cookbooks do you open only on special occasions?

Our challenge is focusing on practice and support. You'll be challenged to actually DO your meal planning - because it's the action, not theory, that builds healthy eating habits and transforms lives!

This challenge teaches you strategies, and gives you tools to make meal planning a daily habit, which can be done without effort.

Here is how it works:

You commit
to do meal planning
for just 1 month

Practicing meal planning and meal prep for just 30 days will set you for success, because it will kick off a new healthy habit. Imagine, that you are just 1 month away from kitchen freedom!

We teach you meal planning strategies and hacks, and give you all meal planning tools

Your challenge materials include printable meal planning templates, meal planning Google calendar, meal planning Excel sheets, grocery lists, recipes, and more

You eat healthy meals daily, share your progress, get support when it gets tough

You won't be alone on your journey! The community of people with the same challenges, and support from our coaches will have your back.

Enrollment ends in...


✅ Enroll in the challenge. You'll be able to take the challenge right away, at your own pace. Most of our students start the Meal Planning Challenge on Sundays.

✅ For every week you'll find templates and strategies for your meal plan, along with short video tutorials, recipes and cheatsheets with exact steps to follow

✅ Make your weekly plan, follow it with us, and share the results with the coach and other participants. An engaged group of other meal planners will help you stick to your goals, and build new habits and routines

✅ Get support from our coaches and the community. Whatever difficulties you face, we are there to support you and troubleshoot for you
In our Meal Planning challenge we will focus on easy recipes and preparation of the most nutrient-dense foods. You'll get a meal planning blueprint and will learn how to save time in the kitchen and reduce the headache, associated with daily healthy eating. We want cooking to be a fun and joyful experience, not just a chore!

Food variety is one of the most important elements of a truly healthy diet. In this meal planning challenge we'll not be teaching how to make the same meal every single day and simply freeze it.

While we'll work on some hacks and techniques for pre-making and freezing ingredients in a batch, it's going to be only a part of the challenge. In fact, we will teach you how to ensure that you get the maximum of fresh foods on your menu daily, without spending hours in the kitchen.



Can I buy the challenge as a gift?

Yes of course. Just click on buying challenges as a gift and choose the challenge you'd like to give to someone. They will have 12 months to enroll in the challenge, whenever it suits them best.

How does the challenge work exactly?

Here is how:

> You enroll in the challenge until its start date. You get the list of all the equipment and ingredients you'll need, and join the community of other challenge participants

> On Sunday the challenge officially starts! You receive access to the first challenge materials and the roadmap

> Every few days you'll receive emails, short video tutorials or audio prompts with exact steps to follow, as well as weekly tasks

> You follow the roadmap and do the tasks, share your progress and ask questions whenever you need support.

What if I don't complete the challenge within 30 days?

Life can get busy unexpectedly, we understand that! If for some reason you have to postpone your challenge, you'll have 6 months in total to complete it. However, we recommend sticking to the original schedule, then you'll get maximum support from the coaches, and the most powerful results!

Can I keep all the printables and templates, even after the challenge is over?

Yes, of course, all the printable materials and pdfs are yours to keep! Download them, save them, put them on your fridge if needed, and use them for many years to come.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we have 7-Day money-back guarantee. If after the first week of the challenge you decide that it's not what you were looking for, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

How long will I have the access to all the challenge materials?

You'll have access to the challenge materials for 6 months. You can download all the printables and PDFs within those 6 months and keep them.

*DISCLAIMER: this meal planning challenge is not medical advice, and all nutrition information is provided for educational purposes only. If you have health-related concerns or questions, please consult with your health provider.