Spices can make any simple one-ingredient dish taste unique and mouth-watering, you just need to know how to choose and use them in cooking. Besides irresistible flavours, spices also enrich our nutrition, improve digestion and boost our immune system. In our online course, you will learn the rare wisdom of using herbs and spices in your everyday life, how to make and use your own spice mixes and seasonings, and how to get the best nutrition value from cooking with spices.

Spices have been one of the most expensive products in the world for a reason, with certain varieties costing more than gold. Nowadays high-quality spices and herbs are easily available worldwide, and we can easily use them in our everyday cooking for better flavours and health.

Why learn about spices and their use?

If you cook with spices, it does not necessarily mean that your dish will become "spicy". If you know how to use them, it will mean, first of all, that your dish is "flavourful" and "healthy".

´╗┐The knowledge of spices and herbs application will be able to satisfy a craving for any food, as the secret of distinctive flavours of any cuisine lies in the types of seasonings and spice mixes that they use. Despite the common belief, most of these mixes are very easy to prepare at home, it takes very little time and you can store them for a while. Besides being the best natural flavor enhancer in the world, herbs and spices can also make food look extremely appealing.


Making Your Own Spice Mixes

You’ll learn about the key spices through making blends with them, and cooking flavourful dishes. You'll learn how to make your own spice mixes from scratch and adjust them to your taste buds

Spice Pairings

Which spices (and how) to apply in all kind of dishes, including: gravies, soups, salads, snacks, sweets, baking, bread, curries, lentils and beans etc.

Spices as Home Remedies

Spices are not just about flavour, they can become your own home pharmacy. You will learn the traditional Indian science of using spices as home remedies

Roasting Spices
different types of roasts for different applications, exact techniques

Grinding Spices

 different grind methods and techniques. Using mortar and pestle, coffee grinder and a blender. Culinary applications according to the grind size

Culinary Application

Exact techniques for using spices in food and flavouring any type of dish you can imagine, as well as video recipes

Most Famous Spice Mixes

How to make from scratch the most famous spice mixes, including curry powders, garam masala, chat masala, sambar masala, cajun seasoning, za'atar etc.

Video Spice Glossary

Detailed video glossary about such vital spices like turmeric, asafoetida, cinnamon and cassia, different types of cardamom and bay leaf, mustards, saffron, vanilla etc.

How to Buy and Store

How to understand the quality of spices, buy and store them correctly

Chilli Peppers

All bout hte most common types of chilli peppers and paprikas

All about peppers

20+ types of peppers and where to use them

Flowers as Spices

How to use flower essences for flavouring

Meat and Fish Marination

Techniques for spicing vegetables, bread, fish, meat, salads and even drinks. Not just for the flavour, but to enhance their nutrition value and ease the digestion

Spices for Fruits

How to eat fruit with spices (and why)

Spices in Drinks

Making signuture drinks with the addition of spices and create digestive drinks with the spices alone.

Meet Your Instructor

By the time Srikant Singh turned 15 he had traveled throughout kitchens in the entire South and East of India, assisting his mother with cooking, while she was learning local cuisines. Since then he moved all around the world, always keeping two items in his suitcase: his pressure cooker and a spice box. Srikant ran a successful Supper Club in Berlin, where he transformed local ingredients with Indian spices and now he is teaching the art of Indian cuisine and spices in Germany and in Russia. Srikant only follows traditional health practices in his cooking, largely based on Ayurvedic principles.

What Makes Our Course So Unique?

Our online course is taught by a practitioner, who uses spices in everyday cooking in his own kitchen, and you will learn how to do it with ease. Our course materials include high-quality videos for recipes, as well as step-by-step instructions and how-to guides that you can apply in your own kitchen right away. We will cover not only culinary use of spices, but will also introduce you to its nutritional value and the art of pairing certain foods with spices for enhanced flavour and better digestion. A big part of the materials in this course are derived from the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, where spices and herbs have been used for balancing health for thousands of years.

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What You Will Learn in the Course:

  • How to choose, buy and store spices and herbs
  • Basic spices and spice mixes to always have in your kitchen to make ANY dish taste fantastic
  • How to use spices: how to cook with spices, how and when to roast, differences between different methods of spice preparation etc.
  • How to pair spices with food correctly, which spice is best for which flavour
  • Health benefits of specific spices and how they affect our bodies
  • Special recipes for spice mixes and drinks that also act as a powerful digestive aid
  • Spices replacements and substitutes
  • World's most famous spice mixes, incl. cajun seasoning, garam masala, classical curry etc.
  • The traditional wisdom of spice use from India
  • How to create your own signature spice mix
  • Different recipes for the use of specific spices, herbs and spice mixes

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