Tempeh is one of the best sources of vegan protein and B Vitamins. It's a true superfood, that offers powerful health benefits and is extremely rich in nutrition. Tempeh is also very delicious, it's easy and inexpensive to make.

Tempeh is a traditional food from Indonesia, made from fermented legumes. Traditionally, it's made with soy beans and wrapped in banana leaves. In our Tempeh Masterclass we'll teach you how to make tempeh from other legumes as nuts as well, and ow to make it with minimum special equipment


Classic Soy Bean Tempeh

You will make a classic versio of temphe, made from soy beans. We will teach how you can ferment in banana leaves or in simple glass containers. Everyone can make it at home.

Soy-Free Tempeh: Other Beans and Nuts

You will learn how to make tempeh with other legumes and nuts, besides soy beans. The process is very easy, yet you'll get very different result visually and taste-wise.

Recipes with Tempeh

You'll master different ways of preparation with temoeh, ranging from traditional Indonesian recipes to innovative modern vegn cuisine

A big part of our Masterclass is dedicated to recipes with Tempeh. I terms of nutrition and texture, tempeh is often used as a meat substitute, and we will give you some great ideas how to use it in your kitchen. Together, we'll make tempeh chips and tempeh burgers, some classic Indonesian tempeh recipes, tempeh pasta, tempeh stir fries, grilled tempeh steaks and much more