7 Day Sugar Detox (FREE Programme)

Improve your healthy eating habits - get a daily actionable plan to live without refined sugar

  • Get a head start to enjoying a sugar-free life and build healthy eating habits

  • Understand which sugars are bad for you, and which sugars are safe to consume

  • Learn how to control and satisfy your sweet cravings

  • Explore healthy sugar substitutes and how to cook with them

  • Complete easy daily assignments as a part of your actionable plan for sugar detox

Your Instructor

Anastasia Sharova
Anastasia Sharova

Anastasia Sharova is a certified plant-based chef, certified in Ayurvedic nutrition. She practices what she preaches: after changing the ways she cooks and eats, she was able to address her own nutrient deficiencies, lost 15 kg, and inspired the change of diet in her entire family.

Anastasia is the founder of Happy Bellyfish, and the creator of the documentary video series the Origin of Food that Matter. She also appears as a host on Happy Bellyfish Cooking Show.