Kombucha, Written Recipe

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In different sources, you will find different proportions of sugar and tea, required to make Kombucha. The measurements that are given in our Masterclass are a minimum of sugar you will need. However, how much sugar you want to add exactly will largely depend on your personal preference.

In other words, 15 gr of sugar per 1 L of water and a reasonably-sized scoby is enough to create a healthy and tasty Kombubcha, but it will not be very sweet. If you prefer it on a sweeter side, you can increase the amount of sugar (the amount of sugar also affects the length of the fermentation). For example, some Kombucha makers suggest to add as much as 100 gr of sugar per 1 L of water.

For example, in our family we use the same proportions as suggested by Natasha, and our scoby only eats natural sugars (jaggery). However, when serving it to others, we sometimes add a bit of naturally sweet fruit juice (see this lecture about kombucha flavouring), or a bit of honey.

Kombucha is a truly versatile drink, so be brave with your expermientation, and always follow your own taste buds!

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