The best vegan cheese is made from clutured seeds and nuts. Thus, it's worth making your own vegan cheese not just to satisfy a cheese craving. When done correctly, it's an extremely nutrtitious food, because the natural fermentation process makes all the nutrients in nuts and seeds absorbable for our bodies.

In our masterclass you will learn how to make your own vegan cheese, using only natural ingredients. It's a perfect virtual cooking class for beginners, who are just trying out vegan cheese-making on their own.

In the class we will be making cheese from sunflower seeds and pumpkin needs, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, and even vegetables. We will learn three main methods:

  • The classic cultured vegan cheeses made from nuts and seeds
  • A method using agar-agar, to make instant sliceable cheese without fermentation
  • Melted vegan cheese from vegetables