What to Eat When You Are Pregnant - 90% Plant-Based Meal Plan (FREE)

Pregnancy without supplements: foods and recipes for the health of the baby and the mother

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The right nutrition during pregnancy is a prerequisite for the healthy development of a baby and for the health of a mother.

Our meal plan will help you provide all the necessary nutrients to your baby, avoid common pregnancy issues and ease postpartum recovery - all thanks to natural food sources.

This Pregnancy Meal Plan is 90% plant-based, and it's perfect for a vegan or a vegetarian diet.

Why you should follow a meal plan during your pregnancy?

Healthy nutrition of the mother is fundamental for the healthy development and growth of the unborn child. It also contributes to the ease of delivery, postpartum recovery and even significantly reduces the chances of postpartum depression.

Healthy mother = healthy and happy child

A typical modern diet in any country, however, does not meet the growing requirements of the pregnant body. It leads to nutritional deficiencies and a lot of pregnant women end up taking various supplements to meet their nutrition needs.

There is a growing body of research confirming that prenatal vitamins and supplements might have adverse effect on our health and the health of unborn babies, especially long-term. Moreover, most of us are simply not able to metabolize synthetic vitamins. Digestion issues lead to problems not only during pregnancy, but also during delivery, days and even years after. Even though these conditions are perceived by many as normal, they are not.

The way to avoid it is to follow a nutrition rich diet, which addresses the growing needs of our bodies and supplies all the necessary vitamins and nutrients in its natural form. Food is the best preventive medicine available.

Why Our Pregnancy Meal Plan is so Unique

This meal plan is built not only based on scientific nutrition information. Anastasia Sharova, a certified plant-based chef, created the Pregnancy Meal Plan, based on what she went through in her own pregnancy. As an expert in culinary wellness, she makes sure that there is a lot of variety and delicious flavours in all her meal plans.

This course is a combination of thorough research, personal experience, Ayurvedic science and practical cooking skills.


  • A 1-week meal plan for each trimester (3 meal plans in total). The meal plan is plant-based, yet it includes recommendations for some of the most nutrient-dense foods of animal origin, other than meat. Only you can decide what's the best diet for you, and when in doubt, consult with your personal doctor or RD. Keep in mind that when you follow a 100% vegan diet, certain nutritional supplements might be needed.
  • 63 full meal ideas, focused on particular nutrients per trimester
  • 21 snack ideas to keep you full, healthy, and fit
  • Plant-based foods to add to your diet that are rich in Folate, Iron, Calcium Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Omega-3 fatty acids, Magnesium, Potassium etc.
  • Plant-based sources of iron, to avoid iron deficiency

*all meals are plant-based - however, we offer an option to add some animal foods (about 10%), if this is the diet you choose


"When I got pregnant the first thing I thought was how I can lead a healthier life style to keep myself and the baby in a good state and mood. And what we eat is the key thing here. I think that even those ladies who ate "healthy" before (like me) would consider eat even healthier. I've been always trying to keep my daily meals balanced. Then I also excluded certain products that were potentially not good for us. And in a month I got bored eating more or less the same things. So I started to look for some nice recipes that can brighten my life. And as I was subscribed already to Happy Bellyfish Youtube Channel, I discovered this Pregnancy meal plan, so I immediately got it.

It's a very structured plan of a day-by-day meal plan (menu) for every trimester. I think the creators of this online nutrition thing did a good and profound job. It even has a lot of information on where we can find certain minerals and vitamins, in what products I mean. The most valuable things for me were that the leader of the course tried everything herself and based it on her own experience - all the recipes, foods etc.
All in all this meal plan for Mommies to be is fully recommended."

- Lana R.Z., Bern, Switzerland

*we are not medical workers and this meal plan is meant as recommendation only. It is not meant for the treatment of any illnesses and does not guarantee the same. If you have any serious medical condition do consult with your health provider.