In our Cooking School we focus on healthy traditional cooking, inspired by the world's cuisines. We use only natural ingredients and incorporate nutrition knowledge in our menus

Here are the types of virtual classes you can book with us:

Fermentation Workshop

Make together with us things like sauerkraut, kimchi, lacto-fermented vegetables etc.

Indian Cooking Class

Learn a particular dish or a cooking technique form the region

Raw Cakes

Make a stunning and delicious no bake cake without the use of sugar and dairy

Ayurvedic Cooking

Create your own balancing, sattvic meal

Legumes Cooking Class

Learn to make delicious dishes with lentils and beans

Immmune-Boosting Menu
Immune-Boosting Menu

Learn to cook traditional healing foods for the cold season


√ Book a class on this page

√ After purchase, let us know in the suggested form:

  • which class /menu would you like to have
  • which day and time works best for your class
  • if you are buying it as a gift, let us know for whom we should make a gift voucher

√ We'll get back to you to confirm the menu, date, time and participants of the class

√ A few days before the class we'll send you the list of ingredients and equipment, that we'll use during the class

√ On the set date, we'll cook together, in your own kitchen! The class will be conducted on ZOOM by one of our Chefs, and will take about 2 hours, depending on the menu

The class is delivered over ZOOM and can be attended by up to 4 households

(if you want to add more participants, want to invite us to your virtual events or team-building, or have a special request, please write to [email protected])


Up to 4 households


How many people can attend the class?

On the general pricing plan ($399) four households can attend the class. A household implies one couple (there is no extra charge for kids)

What if more people/households want to attend the class?

If you'd like to add more people, please drop us a message at [email protected]

Is the class refundable? What if I can't attend the class?

The class is non-refundable, however, it's possible to reschedule the class. Please make sure to do so 24 hours before the beginning of the class. If you request the re-schedule less than 24 hours before the class start, it will not be possible.

I'd like to make a special team-building event or invite one of your chefs to host a session at the virtual event. How do I do that?

Please drop us a message at [email protected], with the details of what you are looking for